Youth Summer In-town Mission July 2020

Serving Our Community from Home via Zoom and other sources.


Write a letter to a government official telling them what is important to you.  Pick an issue and pick an official.  

We''l talk with VA Rep Dawn Adams about what the legislative process is like and how best to get an elected official's attention.  Then with some guidance as to resources and format,  you'll pick an official and write a letter expressing your concern, your desire for change and your dream outcome.  Mail and e-mail.


Write a letter to an official - with government or other (such as church, school, non-profit, healthcare, etc.) expressing your gratitude for work they - or their agency - have done to support us throughout this virus pandemic and/or social justice movement.  Again, we'll work together to find the official's information and craft your letter.

Social Justice

We'll look at inequities in the criminal justice system using Just Mercy and other sources.  We'll also look at Virginia's peculiar history of racial inequity and how that is a part of our church.