CARITAS The Healing Place Lunch Ministry December 21

We are packing 60 lunches for delivery on Third Fridays in October, November and December.  These simple brown bag lunches need to be delivered to The Healing Place before 4pm.  The Healing Place is located on Dinwiddie Ave,  Lunch packing teams may meet on Thursdays after 5pm to pack the basics and then again on Friday after 2pm to pack everything up and deliver it to The Healing Place.  If you are interested in helping by procuring the needed goods:  lunch meat, cheese, sandwich bread, individual packets of chips, cookies, nabs, fruit snacks, and water - let us know.  If you want to come help pack let us know when you are available.  Dates are October 19, November 16, and December 21. We will contact you to discuss your participation in this valuable ministry. Please include your name, email, and phone number :

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