Children's Worship Resources Ascension, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday

Ascension Sunday - May 24

Remember that I always tell you that when we tell our story together that we use things we can see and touch and hear to help us understand the things we cannot see and touch and hear?

Well today’s lessons are about that and more, this lesson is about believing in mystery – the mystery of faith.

Jesus had been back with his friends and disciples for many days, but he knew that this time was coming to an end.  Jesus knew that he would return to God his father, and that the time was coming soon. 

He told his friends and disciples to stay in Jerusalem.  To wait for something that will come to them there.  Remember Jerusalem is a place of fear for some of the disciples and to tell them to stay there is hard for some of them to understand. 

But Jesus tells them to stay in Jerusalem.  He tells them to wait there, that the Holy Spirit will come to them. 

The thing his disciples had to learn to understand was that Jesus was a gift from God, and like God’s gifts during Creation – Jesus is a gift that can never be taken away. 

Even if we cannot see Jesus he is with us.  He is with us and his being with us is one way we know that God is with us.  God gave us Jesus to be among us, with us, and to teach us how it is that God wants us to live – to love each other and to love God.

Jesus told his friends that he had to go away.  And suddenly he was gone.  Jesus could never be in just one place, Jesus is not just one light, but all light.  Jesus is with us always.

How do we remember Jesus and what he taught us?  How does that help us know how to live?  How does Jesus help us know God?

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Pentecost Sunday - May 31

This is a special day – it is the birthday of the church.  So we celebrate with light and story and fire.  But this is one day you don’t have to be afraid of fire. 

Remember Jesus told his friends and disciples to wait in Jerusalem?  He told them that they would receive a gift there.  

Does this sound kind of strange?  I mean it was in Jerusalem that all the bad things happened, and even though Jesus came back for a while I think that maybe the disciples were still a little worried.  Would you be?  I would.  But Jesus had taught his friends to listen and be faithful.  So they all gathered. 

They gathered around a table in Jerusalem – remember how many times Jesus taught us around a table – so the friends of Jesus gathered around a table.  They might have thought this was the best place to wait for the gift that Jesus promised – what do you think?

And when they were all gathered something incredible happened.

First a wind blew.  Those gathered were a little afraid.  But they didn’t move.  Then flames came down.  FLAMES !  The flames landed on everyone’s head, but no one caught on fire. 

And all of them heard a voice telling them that even though Jesus was gone that God’s spirit was with them.  And they heard it in their ears and minds and hearts.  Can we hear it, too?  You are filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

How does it feel to be filled with God?

Closing sentences

We are an Easter people full of life and hope and the sure knowledge that God is with us, that we are the body of Christ, full of hope and goodness.

We all come to the table to hear and to know God’s voice.  And we learn to listen and to help others hear.

We are all filled with the spirit and touched by fire.  Thanks be to God.

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The Day when God made Church 

Trinity Sunday - June 7

Trinity – what is the Trinity?

The word trinity means that God is one thing made of three parts.

But we don’t find the word trinity in the Bible – the idea of it but not the way we explain it now

Trinity is an idea that was created after Jesus died to explain the relationship of God the father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit

God the father is creator and is in all that has been created – we are to care for every creature in “accordance with God’s purposes.”

Jesus is the son who is our best image of God and what God wants us to do and be in the world.  Jesus taught us to “love one another.”

The Holy Spirit was with God from the beginning and remains with us always.  The spirit blows through our lives giving us strength and courage to do the things we should.

Trinity is these three things – we baptize in the names of these three

Three things that are one thing – always related and in relation – a never ending loop.

How can three things be one thing?

Well I am a daughter, sister, and wife

An apple is one thing made up of three things: skin, flesh and core

Our world is made up of water, land, and sky

Plants are roots, stem, and fruit

Think of some other things that are one thing and three things

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