To be the church is to be the people of God, not just comforted by God but called and claimed by God to bring healing to all.

Posted on by Rev. J.David Niemeyer

We are stewards of God’s world. All has been given to us – our lives, time, talents, and resources – by the Great Giver.  To be the church is to be the people of God, not just comforted by God but called and claimed by God to bring healing to all. Your generosity has built up all the ministries that offer that healing and are so much a part of St. Mark’s. We know that there was a time when financial support for the church was the norm of our society, just like being at church on Sunday. But that is no longer the case. In a way, that change causes us to reflect on why it is important to continue to invest through the financial support of this church.

Research shows that for most adults the action of doing ministry, seeing a community putting the Gospel into action, is the most important criteria for even thinking about stepping into a church. Our financial support of St. Mark’s makes it possible for us to do that work which reflects what our values are and supports them in our ministries. We give financial support to our diocese which in turn supports ministries on a wider scale. In our Feeding Ministry and Food Pantry we offer food and welcome to those who are routinely told to move along. We offer assistance without judgment. We support ministries of justice such as the Virginia Center for Inclusive Community and Equality VA. We give financial support to ACTS and provide hands on ministry to CARITAS. We visit the sick, teach our children, and care for one another. This building provides a place of prayer and spiritual growth through worship and welcome for our members and the visitors among us. To those passing on the Boulevard and those who enter, this building is a sign that the Jesus Movement is alive and well. We want everyone to know that the Lord is among us and to know God’s grace.

It seems that Jesus deems it essential that we who follow him help spread that good news of God’s healing presence by our words and deeds. At St. Mark’s we make every effort to live into the message that God is good and merciful and loving and generous. God does incredible things through hearts and hands that are willing to be generous and trust that God is working through us to be that loving, healing presence to one another and the stranger among us.