Raise to Renew - Our Schedule and Our Progress



St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is embarking on a major fundraising campaign to raise funds to repair water damage to the plaster in the sanctuary, nave (the church proper), and stairwell, to improve lighting, sound and Zoom, to upgrade wiring, and to enhance the welcome we extend to our congregation, visitors, and neighbors.


Phase 1

$360,000 - 51% of total

Procure architectural services for entire project 

Remove pews - eases access for needed work on walls and ceilings

Upgrade electrical wiring, lighting, sound system, and Zoom in the church 

Repair damaged plaster 

Repaint the interior of the church and chancel (what we all see and sit in on Sunday morning)


Phase 2 

$175,000 - 25% of total

Upgrade lighting and electrical in narthex (Boulevard entrance)

Remove dropped ceiling in narthex (Boulevard entrance)

Repair and repaint damaged plaster in narthex and stairwell (boulevard entrance and stairwell to Parish Hall)

Replace front exterior doors for improved safety, accessibility, and light (add safety bars for emergency exit)


Phase 3 

$165,000 - 24% of total

Repair flooring in sanctuary (wooden flooring)

Replace worn carpeting in sanctuary and nave 

Replace fluorescent lights behind two stained glass windows with LEDs 

Clean stained glass (Ascension Window)

Install and reconfigure pews to provide greater ease of access (minimal adjustments to the current configuration)


How to Give to the Campaign