Over 150 years of Raised Eyes, Voices, Spirits, and Ministry!


Founded in 1866 on the ashes of the Civil War, St. Mark’s has a long history of standing up to adversity and embracing change. The parish was first located in Jackson Ward, placed there to serve the working people of Richmond. By the early part of the 20th century, the city was changing; the congregation, having outgrown two structures, was considering a risky move out of “downtown” into what was then the far west end of Richmond. In 1921 the cornerstone was set, and on March 22, 1922, the first service was held. We continue to worship in, and serve our community from, that same building.


In 2024 we are a vibrant congregation of believers who express our love for God by enthusiastically welcoming everyone, actively serving our community, lovingly caring for each other, and joyously celebrating our Episcopal worship.


Five years ago we learned the slate roof of the church had begun to leak and fail, perhaps twenty years earlier. The leaks became more frequent and noticeable on the sanctuary ceiling. After a period of diligent planning, and with skillful financial stewardship, in 2021 we successfully replaced our 100-year-old roof. Our new roof will serve us for more than the next century, given the methods and materials used. 

As the plaster walls have now completely dried, it is time to repair the damage from the roof leaks, which will mean removing the pews from the sanctuary and erecting scaffolding. Services will temporarily be held in the parish hall. But dislocation offers us an exceptional opportunity. We have long been aware of the inadequacy of the sound system and wished for better lighting. We are also concerned that the wiring in the ceiling that supports sound and light is over a hundred years old. The scaffolding in place for plastering and painting can also provide access to improve sound, enhance lighting, and upgrade wiring. 


During the months the sanctuary is closed for repair, visitors to the church will enter through the narthex or the parking lot entrance and proceed by the stairs to the parish hall. 


We at St. Mark’s are a faithful, generous people. We invite you to pray for, and commit to, the “Raise to Renew.” 


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