Weekly E-bulletin

St. Mark's This Week

Service Assistants

Sunday, June 2



Verger: Penny Adams

First Reading: Karen Hardison

Second Reading: Jim Contner

Intercessor: Kate Williams

Chalicer: Carter Strite

Acolytes: Ciel and Etienne Smith

Ushers: Steve Clark, Howard Pugh, Anson Williams, Jim Contner

Greeters: Nick Roberts and Blair McDuff

Nursery: Cassandra Price

Children's Worship: Malinda Collier and Kent Slonaker

Altar Guild: Ivy Burnes and Mickie Jones

Altar Flowers: Pam Piercy

Coffee Hour: Hardison'Strite, Maruca & Spanel

Alter Guild Zoom Host: Nora Thompson


Pastoral Care Team meets Sunday at Noon

Sacred Ground Sunday at 1pm


Great news to share!  As of Ingathering Sunday May 19, we have 64 pledges and are well on our way to having cash in hand to begin Phase One and portions of Phase Two. 


These numbers reflect remarkable momentum. At this pace—at this pace of pledging and pledge fulfillment, we very well could have the necessary cash in hand this summer to get our subcontractors lined up. Brent Graves—who managed the roof repair in 2021–will manage this project with the help of the Property Team. We hope to move worship downstairs into Parish Hall in the Fall and begin the work on the sanctuary and nave. If everything goes smoothly—no supply delays, no cost overruns, no surprises—we could be back upstairs in our renewed sanctuary to celebrate Easter. When we have the cash in hand for the work in the Boulevard entrance and the crumbling front stairwell, work will commence on that final phase.


The key words are “at this pace.” The campaign team has unshakeable faith in you. We believe we have the momentum to grow the number of gifts, to turn pledges into realized cash, to attract new members and new gifts with our tradition of love.


Every pledge counts no matter the amount!


Pledge on-line!


An Invitation to Coffee Hour!


We’re serving up Agape every week!  If you have been down to our parish hall after a service, you have, hopefully, experienced the warm sense of community--the love that is our tradition—as we gather around the tables and enjoy the food that is provided every week.


The Coffee Hour Ministry Teams take this ministry to heart and know that they are helping parish members come together for a little “Our Town” time, as well as creating a special time for newcomers and visitors to feel welcome.  What a miracle a little food is!


We begin another year of the Coffee Hour Ministry schedule in June, meaning the teams begin their rotation again for another year.   Each team provides the vittles for four or five Sundays throughout the year.  The schedule is worked out for the entire year, so dates are clear, and teams can and do trade off to accommodate individual schedules.


This year one of our long-serving teams is in need of a break, so we could especially use your help.  Talk among yourselves and put together an entirely new team, or we can place you in experienced hands.  Perhaps some of you who have been with us in the past would consider re-upping?


This is a wonderful way for newer members of St Mark’s to meet and get to know people in the community.  If you have any questions or would like to join in, please contact Penny Adams, nbfginc@aol.com.  


Community Dinner

Tuesday, June 4

6-7 PM


Menu: Baked Chicken Thighs, Rice Pilaf, Carrots, Tossed Salad and Dessert. Plus beverage!


All for $10 donation!

St. Paul's Episcopal Church is hosting Bishop William Barber ("the Poor Man's March") on June 8th and 9th. 


On the 8th, from 2 - 4:00 PM they are having a screening of "Bad Faith- Christian Nationalism's Unholy War on Democracy". 


If you'd like to attend you need to sign up

via the following link.


Bad Faith - Christian Nationalism's Unholy War on Democracy


In honor of Juneteenth, Nikki Fernandes and Rev. Ben Campbell will lead members from area Episcopal Churches on a walk along the Richmond Trail of Enslaved Africans followed by lunch and a facilitated group reflection. The trail is nearly 3-miles, lasting approximately 2 ½ hours.


Participants will gather at St. Paul’s at 8:30 AM and return to Scott Hall for lunch and discussion. Walking with the Enslaved is limited to 30 participants, if you're unable to attend the walk you are invited to participate in the lunch and reflection. 


Contact the Rev. Gwynn Crichton (gcrichton@stpaulsrva.org) with any questions. Visit bit.ly/walkingwiththeenslaved to register!




12-step June 5 host is

Suzanne Long


Food Pantry on 2nd and 4th Saturdays!


Shop for our Staples!



June 8 Breakfast Team is:

Mickie Jones & Mandy Cline


Contact Karen Franklin if you have a donation or assist with distribution, forpop247@gmail.com

Please remember in your prayers this week:


Parishioners: Keith Ricks, Steve Clark, Jo Tyler, Mike Craft, Fred Crowley, Karen Franklin, Keith MacKay, Betty Leviner, Lisette Johnson, Becky Lee, Robin Goodman, Carole Shahda, Mike Oliver, Steve Row, Margaret Franklin, Phyllis Iverson, Juette Iverson, Marsha Iverson, Diane Hoover, David Christiana, Samantha Ridley, Bill Piercy, and Doris Enroughty.


Our extended family and friends: Betty Kuhn, Vickie and her mom, Thorp, Fraser and the boys, Lyle, Allen Close, Aida Marbella, Versann Delva, Candace Franco, Jerome Manigault, Lee Hyden (Anne Kambourian’s daughter), the Dummitt family, the Downey family, the Dykes Family, Sandra Pone, Ceily Poh, Wanda Ferguson, Elizabeth and David Hardison, Wayne Purintun, Clair Schreck, Ginny Jones, Ronnie, Caroline, Bianca Constance, Shelby, Nicholas, the Sonant family, the Fiedler family, Alice, Garry Land, Will, Robin, Denise Early, Gloria Wiley, Henry Pegram, Gene Shelton, Karen Sokohl, Rick McGeorge, Amy Burks, the Henderson family, Kristy Rose, Martha, Randi Smith, Marion Broome, Hollis Daniels, and Donna Raubenstine.