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Service Assistants

Sunday, February 25, 10:30am


We welcome the Rev. Dr. J. Lee Hill, Jr., Canon for Racial Justice and Healing as our Preacher this Sunday.

Verger: Mike Evranian

First Reading: Nick Roberts

Second Reading: Karen Hardison

Intercessor: Elam Jarrells

Chalicer: Elizabeth Kyser

Acolytes: Tess Downey and Eleanor Herman

Ushers: Steve & Mary Clark, Kristin & David Herman

Greeters: Ryn Kennedy

Nursery: Cassandra Price

Children's Worship: Malinda Collier and Kent Slonaker

Altar Guild: Mary Clark, Peter Walker, Andrea Lofton, Jean Winne

Altar Flowers: Lenten Arrangement

Coffee Hour: Frugard & Damron

Alter Guild Zoom Host: Nora Thompson


Ministry Council meet Sunday at noon

Prophetic Faith meets at 1pm

Lenten Series

Feb. 27, March 5 & 12


The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein.


You might be thinking - what does this have to do with us? More than you might want to know. Probably most of us think that our neighborhoods just happened, that houses or apartments, condos were built and people bought them and moved in. Not so much. The Color of Law documents how government policy in the 20th century not only created segregated neighborhoods but actively destroyed previously existing integrated ones. I am only a few chapters in and it is a stunning account of how in city after city - north, south, and west - housing was intentionally provided for whites and denied or made less available to people of color. This alone in many areas resulted in what became referred to as "ghettos."


While the book is an amazing read - don't feel that you have to read to attend! This is a list of several good (and mostly short) videos related to the issues:


Race the Power of Illusion: The House we Live In (6 minutes)



NPR Race & Redlining: Housing Segregation in America, A Short History by Code Switch (6 1/2 minutes)



The Segregation Myth: Richard Rothstein Debunks an American Lie (8 1/2 minutes)



Richard Rothstein: The Color of Law (50 minutes)



Dinner at 6pm, Program starts around 6:30pm and closing prayer to follow.


In search of a couple more Zoom drivers!


Curious about Zoom church?

Want to test drive the camera?


Then the "Alter" Guild is for you.


Come and see how easy it is to help bring our Zoom folks into the church. Our Zoom connection has been pretty steady of late and the instructions are simple and readily available on the cart.


Talk to Malinda if you'd like to take a test drive! All ages welcome!

Isn’t Coffee Hour great??


Almost everyone who attends the service in the sanctuary finds their way downstairs to “the other communion,” to eat some pretty delicious food, visit with friends and greet newcomers to St. Mark’s.  What could be better than that?  Congratulations to the “pixies” who magically provide the tables of treats each week—the  12 teams that rotate to provide Coffee Hour about three times a year.  


This ministry could use your help!  There are several teams that have lost players recently, and we are looking to fill those gaps.  

Please consider joining this very special ministry, which brings friends together and opens arms to our visitors. 


Contact Penny Adamsnbfginc@aol.com.


Heck yes we can do two things at once!


During Lent we will be collecting food for our Food Pantry. More folks are coming so we need to stock our shelves with the staples: hearty soups, stews & chili, vienna sausages, packaged tuna and chicken, Chef Boyardee products.




We will be collecting specific items ACTS needs: Laundry detergent, toilet paper, diapers in sizes 4,5 & 6.


Bring to church all during Lent!

A Call to Community Action:

Curbing Gun Violence in Richmond

Sunday March 3, 5:30-7pm

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

3602 Hawthorne Ave.

Richmond, VA 23222


On March 3 at 5:30pm at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, join people of faith from around Richmond for A Call to Community Action, a facilitated conversation about curbing gun violence. In this third offering of the Beyond Thoughts and Prayers series, local advocates and activists will speak to how individuals and faith communities can join them in their efforts to lessen gun violence in our city. 


Panelists include Lori Haas and Andrew Goddard from the Virginia Center for Public Safety, Kristin DuMont from Moms Demand Action, Denzel Mitchell from Richmonders Involved to Strengthen our Communities (RISC), and Maurice Washington from Real Life. All are invited, regardless of previous participation in the series. A light meal will be offered.


Please RSVP here. For more information, contact The Rev. R. Dale Smith at robbiedale58@hotmail.com.


“And now, Father, send us out to do the work that you have given us to do…”

(The Book of Common Prayer, 366)



12-step February 28 host is

Steve Clark



Food Pantry on 2nd and 4th Saturdays!


Shop for our Staples!



February 24 Breakfast Team is:

Young Adults Group


Contact Karen Franklin if you have a donation or assist with distribution, forpop247@gmail.com

Please remember in your prayers this week:


Parishioners: Fred Crowley, Karen Franklin, Keith MacKay, Betty Leviner, Lisette Johnson, Becky Lee, Robin Goodman, Carole Shahda, Mike Oliver, Steve Row, Ethel Kutteroff, Margaret Franklin, Phyllis Iverson, Juette Iverson, Marsha Iverson, Diane Hoover, David Christiana, Samantha Ridley, Bill Piercy, and Doris Enroughty.


Our extended family and friends: Julia, Lee Hyden, the Dummitt family, the Downey family, the Dykes Family, Tyrell, Sandra Pone, Ceily Poh, Wanda Ferguson, the Hardison and Strite family, Pam Patrick, Scott and the Taylor family, Lauren Contner, Malynda Irby, Wayne Purintun, Clair Schreck, Ginny Jones, Debbie Kaufman, Ronnie, Caroline, Bianca Constance, Shelby, Nicholas, the Sonant family, the Fiedler family, Alice, Garry Land, Will, Robin, Denise Early, Gloria Wiley, Henry Pegram, Gene Shelton, Karen Sokohl, Rick McGeorge, Amy Burks, the Henderson family, Kristy Rose, Martha, Randi Smith, Marion Broome, Hollis Daniels, and Donna Raubenstine.