Weekly E-bulletin


Worship Assistants this Sunday, December 10

Master of Ceremony: Douglas D'Urso

First Reading: Ken Bradford

Second Reading: Jan Niederschuh

Intercessor: Becky Adams

Chalicer: Frosty Owen 

Acolytes: Elizabeth Kaufman, Marley Rasmussen

Ushers: Frank von Richter (8AM), Mike Franklin, Steve Clark, LuAnne Douglas, Bill Martin

Greeters: Beth Wentworth and Scott Pennington

Children's Worship: Malinda Collier

Nursery: Meredith Franklin/Mary Townley

Altar Guild:Trudy McCarty (8AM)

Sanford Eberly, Mike Gephart, Annette Spanel, David Lenz

Floral Decorations: Floral Guild

Coffee Hour Sponsors: Karen Franklin, Beth Wentworth, Ivey Burnes & Sandy Steele

This Sunday's Lessons:

Isaiah 40:1-11
Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13
2 Peter 3:8-15a
Mark 1:1-8 


St. Mark's Notes


Pledge Update:  We have 87 pledges on our way to our goal of 98, with $222,815 pledges.  Thank you!  There is still time to make your financial commitment to St. Mark's!   Pledge on-line  or grab a pledge card this Sunday.

Christmas Dinner is 6pm on Sunday, December 10. Bring an appetizer or dessert, and any special beverage for your table.  The church will have iced tea, coffee, milk, and non-alcoholic punch.   There is no Neighborhood Dinner in December.   

Advent Evening Prayer is Wednesday, December 13 at 6pm.

Christmas Flower and Decorations donations forms are in the church and on-line. Completed forms with checks should be back to the church by Sunday, December 17.

CARITAS bag lunch makers needed Friday, December 15, 11:30am - 1:30pm.  Call the office to let us know you can help.

Greenery Needed: We need your magnolia, pine, cedar, holly, cryptomeria, and nandina for St. Mark's Christmas decorations. Greenery can be dropped off at the church on Sunday, December 17, or during normal office hours, 11 to 4, on the following Tuesday (19th) or Wednesday (20th).   

Newcomer Welcome is Tuesday evening, December 19 at 6pm.  If you have not already rsvp'd please so today, dre@stmarksrva.org




Keep the food a comin!  

We need our staples - Vienna sausages, tuna, canned pastas, mac & cheese, hearty soups & stews, breakfast bars, and pop tarts.  Toiletries are always welcome.  We can also use donations of pastries, muffins and cookies. We serve on 2nd & 4th Saturdays.

12-Step Host for December 13 is Suzanne Long.  Volunteers are needed. To help out, contact Ed Street at edstreetva@gmail.com or  sign up on line  

Christmas Boxes - lists will be available this Sunday, November 26 after the 10:30 service!  Please return your filled and wrapped box by December 15.


Please Remember in your Prayers this Week: 

Parishioners: Peggy Burke, Pat Pearman, Diane Hoover, McKenna Brown, Karen Hardison, Bee Wright, John Moses, Carole Kelly, Shirley Truman, David Christiana, Ed Chavez, David Lenz, Samantha Ridley, Bill Piercy, Lib Reynolds, and Doris Enroughty. 

Our extended family and friends: Lillian Collier, Brian Doyle, Charlotte Jones, Margaret Jones, John H., Juliet, Janet Brown, the Brown Family, Jen Ritchie, Sharon Parson, Evalyn and Cade Holliday, Robbie, Pat Burke, Cathy Gersh, Ronald Thompson, Susan, Issie Shaw, Larry Strite, Karen Evans, Dick Thornton, Laura Kelly, Lane Siebert, Lauren Reinstein, Marshall Graves, Ruth Anne Orr, the Palmer family, and Vicki Eberly. 

Please contact the office with any changes to the prayer list.