Weekly E-bulletin

Worship Assistants this Sunday, October 22 
Masters of Ceremony: Douglas D'Urso
First Reading: Howard Pugh
Second Reading: Beth Wentworth
Intercessor: Karen Hardison
Chalicer: Amy Strite
Acolytes: David Whitlow, Carter Strite
Ushers: Peggy Burke (8AM), Mary Clark, Steve Clark,
Daniel Lindsey, Dan Hartman
Greeters: Penny Adams and Jim Contner
Nursery: Meredith Franklin
Altar Guild:Peggy Burke, Trudy McCarty (8AM)
Mary Clark, Peter Walker, Andrea Lofton,
Ellen Landers, Dustin Landers
Floral Decorations: Douglas D'Urso
Coffee Hour Sponsors: Children's Worship
This Sunday's Lessons:

St. Mark's Notes

Planing Process Focus Groups - Ya know you wanna talk about  St. Mark's and we want to hear what you have to say - so sign up!  Groups meet this Saturday at 10am, Tuesday at 10am and Thursday at 6pm.

Young Adults Group meets Sunday at 5:30 PM in Parish Hall. 
Tuesday Mid-day service @ 12:15pm
Worship Team meets Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Wednesday Bible Studies at 10am and 7pm
On-line giving is also available through the website, to support  St. Mark's ministries just click the GIVE  button in the upper right corner.
Kroger Rewards: This quarter we earned $81.00!  Thanks to all those who participated!  To those who did not, sign up at Kroger Rewards Choose St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 520 N. Boulevard, NPO# 92277. Each shopping trip to Kroger earns money for St. Mark's. Friends and family can sign up as well!  Please join one of the easiest ways to financially support St. Mark's.


Hurricane Relief Efforts:
Episcopal Relief & Development is working closely with our partners in the region to reach the most vulnerable.  Please continue to pray for all those impacted by the hurricane.  Contributions to the Hurricane Response Fund will help Episcopal Relief & Development support church and other local partners as they provide critical emergency assistance to those most in need.  
12-Step Host for October 25 is Steve Clark. Volunteers are needed. To help out, contact Ed Street at edstreetva@gmail.com or sign up on line
Please continue to Shop for the Food Pantry! We need our staples - Vienna sausages, tuna, canned pastas, mac & cheese, hearty soups & stews, breakfast bars, and pop tarts.  Toiletries are always welcome.  We can also use donations of pastries, muffins and cookies.   We serve on Saturday, October 28.
Please Remember in your Prayers this Week:
Parishioners: McKenna Brown, Karen Hardison, Bee Wright, John Moses, Carole Kelly, Shirley Truman, David Christiana, Ed Chavez, David Lenz, Samantha Ridley, Bill Piercy, Lib Reynolds, and Doris Enroughty.
Our extended family and friends: Janet Brown, the Brown Family, Jen Ritchie, Sharon Parson, Evalyn and Cade Holliday, Robbie, Pat Burke, Camden Russell, Cathy Gersh, Ronald Thompson, Susan, Chris, Lois Anne Durrette, Issie Shaw, the Bryant family, Larry Strite, Karen Evans, Dick Thornton, Laura Kelly, Lane Siebert, Lauren Reinstein, Marshall Graves, Ruth Anne Orr, the Palmer family, and Vicki Eberly.

Please contact the office with any changes to the prayer list.