Adult education is formed by the desire to:

  • Expand our knowledge about the scriptures and Anglican tradition
  • Engage in theological reflection and discussion, drawing connection between what we read and what we live
  • Deepen our relationship with God and one another
  • Dialogue with other faith traditions
  • Understand our call to servant leadership

Winter Spring 2017 Programs include:

RVA Rapid Transit, January 15 @ noon

Come and hear about progress in bringing transportation equity to the Richmond metropolitan region. We have a group of parish members and friends who are involved in lobbying Chesterfield County and other localities to open their roads to rapid transit bus lines. It is a critical need for the growth and health of our metropolitan area. Currently Metropolitan Richmond is the only city of 1 million or more people in the world that does not have full-service public transportation along its major arteries.

Today, 90% of our jobs are inaccessible by public transportation. All of our major community colleges—which were promoted in the General Assembly as places to enable people to train for their first job—are inaccessible by public transportation. Our three major universities can only be reached on the bus by people in the central city. Neither our airport nor our train service is accessible by public transportation. As everyone knows, the new “town centers” and retail malls are not accessible except by private automobile. Nowhere else in the world...Come and learn what it takes to be part of the change in this “segregation by transportation.” (Ben Campbell)

GraceInside, March 5 @ noon

GraceInside is a privately funded organization that provides chaplains for Virginia’s state prison system. Currently over 30,000 men and women are incarcerated in our state prisons—the equivalent of Virginia Tech’s student body—chaplains provide emotional and spiritual support for these men and women during what is one of the most difficult passages of their lives. GraceInside changes lives. Through relationships GraceInside’s chaplains share light in a dark place, safe passage through the storm and guidance for the journey home. Rev. Lynn Litchfield of GraceInside will be with us to share her unique perspective on prison life. Light buffet lunch provided.

Deacon’s Forum on Prison Ministry, March 19 @ noon

As a follow-up to Rev. Litchfield’s presentation, our deacon Sally Gunn will share with us about her many years of ministry at the Virginia Correctional Center for Women in Goochland County.

CIRCLES RVA, April 30 @ noon

Community | Empowerment | Transformation YOU CAN HELP SOMEONE LIFT THEMSELVES OUT OF POVERTY Circles RVA is seeking individuals to help Richmond area citizens lift themselves out of poverty.   If you want to be part of an innovative solution to poverty built on relationships and become friends with someone whom you might otherwise not meet...come learn more about CIRCLES RVA, Sunday April 30, after the 10:30 service.  This  project is sponsored in part by Grace & Holy Trinity and other community partners. 

Women’s Spirituality Group

A small committed group of women who meet monthly with a facilitator. Members make the commitment to attend all the meetings for the year, thereby maintaining support and continuity for one another.  This group meets first Tuesdays at 7pm - so if you come to the Neighborhood Dinner at 6pm you can be fed both nutritionally and spiritually all in one evening!

Penny Adams, who is a certified Spiritual Director, and who has experience in such a group, acts as facilitator, but the exact nature of the quest, and the areas to be explored, are designed by the members of the group. Please contact the office (804-358-4771), or speak with Penny if you would like to learn more.