Our Theology of Youth Ministry

  • Youth contribute and serve in all the work and ministry of the church – this is our foundational understanding of youth ministry - that every ministry includes young people.
  • You don't have to be a member of St. Mark's, or any church to take part in youth group - you just have to come with a heart and mind willing to serve, and learn, and share
  • Youth ministry is relational - it is about showing up and being fully present
  • Confirmation is a rite of passage into the community, not out of it
  • Youth will speak in the language of faith, if that is how we speak to them


Summer 2021 Youth Fellowship

SNACK CHAT - A Time for Teens & Tweens

4th Sundays at 3pm, VMFA garden

Bring a friend something to drink, a chair or blanket.  

Snacks provided.


Youth Service & Learning Opportunities:

  • 2nd & 4th Saturday Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen:  Set-up starts at 8:30am and serve our guests from 9:00 - 10:30am.  Come and help provide welcome and care for those who need our help and support.
  • Teen Leaning Class, Second Sundays from noon to 1:00pm.  A new cohort began in February 2019 and continues via Zoom
  • Senior High Youth with Rev. Dorothy, Sundays October 24 and November 21, 4-5:30pm
  • Young Leaders in the Church, post confirmation teens gathering with Rev. Dorothy White to read and discuss the book,  "Freedoms' Children," in preparation for a late summer 2020 Civil Rights Trail pilgrimage, 3rd Sundays at noon. Due to the Covid 19 shutdowns we will not make the Civil Rights Trail pilgrimage in 2020/21.


Lenten Learning Booklet - Youth in the Church


Guiding Teenagers in Lent: Give Up on Giving Up? Lisa Brown

 "I truly believe there can be tremendous spiritual growth during an intentional period of sacrifice and denial. But I wonder if this is always the best approach for teens."

Advent Learning Booklet - Youth in the Church


Fall Learning Booklet - Youth in the Church

Teen Learning Class with Malinda, Bill, and Ryn resumes in October and continues on third Sundays at 12:30pm

Freedom's Children group with Rev. Dorothy White resumes in October

Fall Winter 2020 Youth Service Opportunities:

Justice & Advocacy: The November election, GA session in January/February 2021

CARITAS At Home Volunteer Opportunities

4th Saturday Food Pantry  - Make sandwiches, contribute products, for 4th Saturday lunches

UGK - help prep and deliver meals


Summer 2020 No-Contact Mission: Justice and Advocacy

July & August 2020

Activity One:  The Legislative Process and your Voice:  Fostering civic engagement

Zoom call with GA Rep Dawn Adams about being in government – 20- 30 minutes

Education around 3-4 topics of interest (climate change, racial equality, gender equality, health & science around the pandemic)

Write a letter (template provided to a government official of your choice expressing your concern as someone who will soon be a voter)

Government officials:  Dawn Adams, Abigail Spanberger, Tim Kaine, Levar Stoney, Ralph Northam, Bobby Scott, Mark Herring, and or your city council person, county board person.

Activity Two:  Your Voice:  Who do you want to thank for their courage during this virus pandemic?

 Education: a quick look at some of our local/state/national leaders rap sheet on the issue

Write a letter of thanks for this person’s courage and persistence

Government officials:  Levar Stoney

Other officials:  Bishop Susan Goff, school superintendents & teachers, health care workers, first responders

Activity Three:  Just Mercy – is our justice system “just”

 Zoom call with Rev. Dorothy White & Malinda and our other leaders.

Read the YA version of the book

Activity Four:  Love of Neighbor - Family Outreach

 Sign up as a family to:

help UGK process meals,

work at the CARITAS Furniture Bank,

help with the opening of the CARITAS center