Transition - We did It! One Congregation No Matter Where We Sit

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One congregation no matter where we sit


It was the mantra and the mandate of church leadership and members - we don't want to be two congregations, we want to come back when everyone can come back, we want to keep our members and friends in worship with us no matter that they live in another state or another country.


And we did it.


Was it perfect? No, but then worship never is.


Was it good to be back together - so good! One member commented, Thank you for today!!! It was so great to be back. Please pass on my gratitude to the St Mark's crew. Such a beautiful service and feeling of community!


We prayed the prayers, we shared communion, we listened to glorious music (thank you, Amos), we laughed, we applauded, we rejoiced at being together. And it is just the beginning!


We are one congregation

one community

no matter where we sit.