Full of the Love St. Mark's Offers

Posted on by Becky Lee

Why St. Mark’s? Why continue to be an active member in Florida?
St. Mark’s has been my church family for over 20 years.
From the first time I came to St. Mark’s I felt like I had found my place.
I belonged.
St. Mark’s, the building, has been a place of solace for us. St. Mark’s, the leadership, has been beyond supportive of us throughout all of life’s challenges. St. Mark’s, the congregation, has offered us countless opportunities to be part of something bigger than ourselves. 
Our departure to Florida, although planned, was expedited due to COVID-19. No chance to say goodbyes. No easing into our transition. This time of COVID brought about changes in how we all gather. And In this change, worshipping via ZOOM became a welcomed, though unintentional consequence, of the times. For us, it is a gift.
I draw great comfort from continuing relationships, seeking guidance, worshipping with family, and being able to see the faces of those I have come to love and cherish. St. Mark’s is our church home. It is where we were married. We hope that we will be able to continue this virtual connection for a long time yet to come.
Our hearts remain full of the love that St. Mark’s offers.
Becky Lee & Diane Hoover, Venice FL