Please join us in daily prayer for those who work on our roof

Posted on by Malinda Collier

The Roof

The roof work has begun.  The scaffolding and walk boards are now populated with workers – some carrying debris to the drop points – some picking up and staging materials across the south face of the roof.  It is kind of eerie in my office, suddenly there are shadows of these people moving to and fro, their voices easier for me to hear than the doorbell! 

They begin work early but there is no way to escape the summer heat.  They are completely exposed to the heat of the sun.  I looked out my window when a break came.  One young man was slouched against the brick wall, relaxing in what shade could be found.  Even with his work gloves off his hands were black with grit and sweat.  I suppose there is no point in washing up until the work-day is over.  Looking at his hands I began to pray – for him and for all working in the heat and the dirt. 

I ask you to join me in daily prayer for those who work on our roof – for the men and yes, the women who offer their working expertise to rebuild our roof.  They are literally unseen, high above us but so present in their efforts and endurance doing this hot and dirty work. 

Holy One, you guide our hands as we labor, as we work to build, create, and produce. We give thanks for the gift of strong bodies and astute minds that allow us to accomplish many great things. Lord, we pray that you surround them, the shadow of your protection guard them and their families from all harm as they work. Give to them assurance of income and provide for them all the resources, strength, and support that they need. Gracious God, you bless all of us in so many different ways. Shower all of your children working with your blessing and love. All this, in your holy name we pray. Amen. 

Adapted from a prayer by Sarah Swindall, Pastoral Intern, Augsburg Fortress

April 6, 2020