RVA Talks @ St. Mark's

What One Community of Faith Can Do to Produce Racial Healing

RVA Talks @ St. Mark’s is offered in celebration of the 150th anniversary of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. Founded in 1866 to serve the working people of Richmond, St. Mark’s moved to its current home on the Boulevard in 1922. St. Mark’s was in 1967 the first Episcopal church in the city of Richmond to integrate – inviting members of Osgood Memorial Church (displaced from its Randolph community home by the construction of the Downtown Expressway) to join in worship and fellowship. In the 1980s St. Mark’s was on the forefront of the compassionate response to AIDS/HIV disease and is credited by the Fan Free Clinic as hosting more funerals for victims of AIDS than any other faith community in the commonwealth. St. Mark’s has long been an inclusive and welcoming church, advocating for social justice and equal rights for all people.

A Continuation of our Panel Discussion on Race & Reconciliation and the Faith Community

October 16, 2016 – 4 pm program with light dinner at 5:30 pm

  • Rev. Ben Campbell – founder of Richmond Hill, author of Richmond’s Unhealed History, RVA Rapid Transit
  • Rev. Dr. Dorothy White – chaplain at St. Catherine’s School
  • Dr. Tawnya Pettiford-Wates, VCU Theatre/Conciliation Project director
  • Dr. Ravi Perry, VCU Political Science

Writing Our Way Out: Memoirs from Jail

February 19, 2017 – 4 pm program with light dinner at 5:30 pm

A discussion with David Coogan and others

Detailing the formative and transformative memories of ten men, Writing Our Way Out is the creative culmination of a writing class that began in the Richmond City Jail in Virginia, and grew into a journey to re-entry. Compiled in a narrative by their teacher, Dr. David Coogan, these stories explore the conditions, traps, and turning points on the path to imprisonment in modern America, as well as the redemptive and rehabilitative power of memoir.