Aging and Spirituality Self Inventory

Adapted from Kathleen Dowling Singh, Grace in Aging

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  1. Did you grow up going to church/synagogue/mosque? What stands out to you from those days?
  2. Have your values changed as you have aged? Which values have been discarded?  Which have been consciously chosen and retained? What are your emerging values?
  3. As you consider your inner life – your general state of ease of unease – what still needs healing and growing?
  4. In which aspects of living have you most directed your attention and energy to date? What has been nurturing, fulfilling, supportive? What has been stressful for you?
  5. How do you intend to direct your attention and energy in the years remaining to you?
  6. What losses have you faced? What losses do you still face? How do you cope with loss? What would help you cultivate the capacity to better handle inevitable loss, to maintain a relationship of greater ease with impermanence?
  7. What are your thoughts about spiritual maturity? What is your commitment to your own spiritual maturity? What steps have you taken? What steps do you intend to take? What keeps you from taking them?