"Vice Grip" Generation

In a recent conversation a friend shared with me her life craziness saying, "We aren't the sandwich generation, we are the vice grip generation." The situation she speaks to is the common condition of Boomers: we are called increasingly to care for or make care decisions for our parents and perhaps grandparents – while still providing care (direct or indirect) and support for our adult children and perhaps grandchildren.

Often we don't know where to turn: how do we chose the best facility for Mom & Dad? What does life care mean? I am having a difficult time adjusting to widowhood. Will my son ever move out of the basement? Remind me about first grade vaccinations and field trips...

Resources for life transitions:

Senior Resource Group

The RVA Senior Resource Group is a network of highly-experienced, trustworthy professionals that provide a wide variety of services for seniors and their families. Our concept is simple: Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces of Aging. We customize solutions based on the needs of each individual.  With the combined experience and resources of all of our members, we can solve virtually any problem that may arise.

Senior Connections - our regional Area Agency on Aging

Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1973. Senior Connections is a member of a network of approximately 700 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) with 25 located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Services tab has a number of good resources and references.

Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care - VIPCARE

The mission of the Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care is in part to provide pastoral counseling which integrates wisdom from the faith traditions and the behavioral sciences. VIPCARE is committed to making services available on a sliding fee basis and to turn no one away because of an inability to pay.